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Parenting Tips Every Parent Knows but Few Follow

Parenting Tips Every Parent Knows but Few Follow

Parenting Tips Every Parent Knows but Few Follow

Due to lack of confidence, because they have been told about it and they have not believed that it is the most logical way to educate them
angelcare vs owlet, because they prefer to do it as their parents did, etc., the fact is that there is a lot of advice on parenting that everyone they know but then, for whatever reason, they don’t carry out. Well, here are the parenting tips that all parents know but few follow.

Understanding the Stages of Child Development

1. Treat your child with the same respect that you would like to be treated

If you have never heard it as advice, you have surely heard it as a commandment of the church: do not do to anyone what you do not want them doing to you, or love your neighbour as yourself. It is a way of saying that you should treat your child with the same respect with which you treat any adult, and with the same respect with which you would like to be treated, both now and when you were a child.

2. Contact him to explain what you are going to do

And not only because the more you talk to him, the sooner he will speak, but above all because a good relationship is based on trust and communication. It starts from a young age by explaining what you are going to do at all times, if you are going to dress him, if you are going to bathe him, if you are going to play later, if you are going for a walk, if you have to go shopping. This is how they get used to hearing you and you get used to communicating with your baby, who will later be a child and who will also need your dialogue to continue learning to live.

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3. Put yourself in their shoes

Both when he is a baby and when he is older. One of the causes that many parents emotionally distance themselves from their children, and make them feel bad, is that they cannot understand them. Perhaps they expect more from them, perhaps they demand what they are not capable of doing, or perhaps they get angry because they see the same flaws in them that they have. The point is that the parents’ reaction may not be fair and they would realize it if they managed to empathize with their child, put themselves in their place and try to understand what they feel, how they feel it and why. Sometimes it is enough to do this exercise and speak it to bring positions closer and try to find constructive solutions.

4. Tell him you love him

That seems like a no-brainer to them, but it isn’t. Everyone like to feel loved, and surely many times they need you to tell them what you feel. “I am very happy to have you here”, “I love that you are my son“, “I love you very much” and things like that will help them feel loved and a significant part of the family.

5. Ask him to do what you do, not what you don’t do

Be consistent and don’t ask him to do what you don’t do. You only have moral authority to ask him to do what you do, because in the end, example is more important than words. In this way, it is much easier for him to internalize the values ​​as his own and to do things.

Preparing For A First Grandchild

Preparing For A First Grandchild

It may seem only the blink of an eye ago that you were cradling your own children in your arms. Life moves in circles, and now you have the joy of a grandchild to look forward to. Becoming a grandparent for the first time is a wonderful and momentous occasion, and this time around, there may even be a few bonuses!

Where to Start?

Preparing for the first grandchild shouldn’t entail too much and it should definitely not be stressful. While it can be tempting to get carried away, the most important element of being a grandparent is support. Letting your daughter or son know that you will be there for them, especially in the early days, is paramount. You might offer to stay with them for a week or two after the birth, but do discuss it first so you are all clear on any arrangements.

Early Days

Whether you are staying with a daughter or will simply be dropping by for kisses and cradles, remember that the new mum will be feeling more than a little drained. Lend a hand by cooking up some meals and/or offering to do the washing or vacuuming. Support will be most appreciated in those early sleep-deprived days. They may certainly appreciate your advice, but don’t be disappointed if they want to do things their own way. They’re adults after all.

Read Up

Some aspects of parenting have certainly changed over the years so if you’d like to be able to chat about anything and everything, why not read up the latest parenting book. Ask the mum-to-be for recommendations.

Respect Space

While support is an ideal gift that you can provide for your own children, bear in mind that the new parents will also need their own space. They are experiencing life as parents for the first time, and they will certainly want plenty of time together with the little one to savour the joy of being a family.

Go Shopping

And yes, finally, the good part! No, it’s not essential of course, but every grandparent knows it’s a joy to buy for a grandchild. There’s no need to spend a lot of money but buying a few little treats, clothes or toys can bring both of you joy – and it can be very handy for the new parents. You might also think of a gift that will become a keepsake, such as a teddy that might become a favourite or an engraved silver baby’s cup that they can keep for life. Or if you can knit or sew, you might create a handmade gift that will certainly be cherished.

For those Future Years…

As you prepare for the arrival of your newest little one, it might also be an idea to check on your life insurance policy. You may want to change the terms now that a new little one has arrived. Seniors insurance may provide valuable protection for all families, and knowing your family will be looked after, is the best way to start your brand new life as a grandparent.